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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that stores internet settings. Almost every website uses cookie technology. It is downloaded by your internet browser on the first visit to a website. The next time this website is opened with the same user device, the cookie and the information stored in it is either sent back to the website that created it (first-party cookie) or sent to another website it belongs to (third-party cookie). This enables the website to detect that you have opened it previously with this browser and in some cases to vary the displayed content.


Some cookies are extremely useful, as they can improve the user experience on opening a website that you have already visited a number of times. Provided you use the same user device and the same browser as before, cookies remember for example your preferences, how you use a site, and adapt the displayed offerings to be more relevant to your personal interest and needs.


Depending on their function and intended purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories*: Essential cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, cookies for marketing purposes.

Your cookie settings on this website

Cookies not requiring consent on this website

Essential cookies, also referred to as "strictly necessary" cookies, ensure functions without which you would not be able to use this website as intended. These cookies are used exclusively by MINI and are therefore so-called first-party cookies. They are only stored on your user device during the current browser session. Essential cookies ensure, for example, that when you open the vehicle configurator, you are shown a version where the bandwidth-related data volume corresponds to that of the internet connection you are using. When switching sites, for example, such cookies also ensure the functionality of a change from http to https and thus compliance with increased security requirements for data transfer. Last but not least, a cookie such as this also saves your decision with regard to the use of cookies on our website. Your consent is not required for the use of essential cookies.


Essential cookies cannot be disabled using the function of this site. In general, you can disable cookies in your browser at any time.


Examples of cookies not requiring consent / list of cookies not requiring consent

Cookie Name Purpose Expiration Category
cc_consentCookie This strictly necessary cookie stores the information that a user of the site has consented to the use of cookies. 365 days Strictly Necessary Cookies
cc_cookiesComponentDisplayed This strictly necessary cookie stores the information that a user of the site has consented to the use of cookies. 10 days Strictly Necessary Cookies
cc_compare_model This cookie stores country specific or user specific filter settings and supports the storage of a car model in order to compare it with other car models. Session Strictly Necessary Cookies
cc_mymini_models This cookie saves and processes information on vehicle accessories and the name of the saved model in order to perform a vehicle comparison. Session Strictly Necessary Cookies
cc_configured_model This cookie saves configured vehicle characteristics. Session Strictly Necessary Cookies
cc_ie_popup This cookie is needed to ensure that the website displays a legally required information for the user about the use of cookies on the website immediately at first visit. Session Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookies requiring consent on this website

Cookies that are not essential to be able to use the website in line with the above definition perform important tasks. Without these cookies, functions that enable convenient surfing on our website, for example pre-completed forms, are no longer available. The settings you have made cannot be stored and must therefore be queried anew on each page. Furthermore, we have no possibility to adjust to you with individually adapted offers.


MINI also integrates content from third parties in this website. Examples of this are the integration of YouTube videos. These third-party providers can theoretically set cookies while you are visiting the MINI website, obtaining the information that you have opened a MINI website, for example. Please visit the websites of third-party providers to obtain more information regarding their use of cookies. If you have decided as a general principle not to give your consent to the use of cookies that require consent or to revoke consent that has been given, you are only provided with the functionalities of our website where we can guarantee use without these cookies. Areas of our website that potentially offer the technical possibility to integrate third-party content and therefore to set third-party cookies are not available to you in this case. You are informed of this by a corresponding prompt. If you nonetheless wish to use the content of the website in such a case, this is only possible if you agree to use cookies requiring consent. Activate the consent function available at the respective position on our website.


List of cookies requiring consent

Cookie Name Purpose Expiration Category
cc_hmc_market_filters This cookie stores country specific or user specific filter settings and supports the storage of a car model in order to compare it with other car models. 31 days Functional Cookies
cc_hmc_user_selected_filters This cookie stores country specific or user specific filter settings and supports the storage of a car model in order to compare it with other car models. 31 days Functional Cookies
cc_digital_eventAttributes This performance cookie stores single actions while using the website, such as clicking a button or closing a website layer in a non-attributable way to a specific person. Session Performance Cookies
cc_digital_profileCookie This performance cookie stores an ID for the duration of the internet session, thus enabling the evaluation of the actions during website use in a non-attributable way to a specific person. Session Performance Cookies
cc_digital_testCookie This performance cookie stores the result of a test on the consent to cookies for the purpose of subsequent website tracking. Session Performance Cookies
cc_digital_sessionCookie This ADOBE WEB ANALYTICS-Cookie tracks events and user profiles between website visits, as well as user sessions in general and checks if cookies can be placed. Session Performance Cookies
cc_digital_userCookie By storing a session ID, this performance cookie allows the assignment of consecutive actions of a website user while visiting the website in a non-attributable way to a specific person. 183 days Performance Cookies
cc_country_preferences This cookie saves the user's country selection. 31 days Functional Cookies
cc_favorite_model This cookie saves the user's choice of his favorite vehicle. 31 days Functional Cookies
cc_gcdmCampaignInfo In case the present website visit is based on one of our advertising activities on a different website, this cookie stores this information. Session Marketing Cookies
virtualCookie This functional cookie ensures the display of the dealer search feature on the website when requested by the user. 365 days Functional Cookies
cc_preferred_dealer This functional cookie stores the preferred BMW dealer selected by the anonymous user on the website. Subsequent requests for services do not require repeated selection. 31 days Functional Cookies

These cookies will be used for an enhanced user experience and store information about the user's selection of a dealer, in order to subsequently consider this selection again when displaying dealers.

31 days Functional Cookies
cc_digital_openarea This cookie stores information that has been selected together with the user's configuration of a vehicle. It is necessary for the preparation of a requested offer to purchase such vehicle. never Functional Cookies
md-mm-compare-bookmark This cookie supports a user-friendly website behaviour according to the user's expectation by showing the user re-opened tabs on repeated page breaks. never Functional Cookies
gcdm-preferredDealer This cookie supports the functionality of displaying web page content based on the user's pre-selected preferred dealer. never Functional Cookies


Depending on their function and intended purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories*: Essential cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, cookies for marketing purposes.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are required so that you can navigate on a website and use its features. Without these cookies, functionalities cannot be ensured, for example, that actions performed during a visit (e.g. text input or vehicle configuration) are preserved, as well as when navigating between individual pages of the website.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable a website to save details that have already been provided (e.g. choice of accessories in a vehicle configuration) and to offer the user improved, more personal functions. Functional cookies are used, for example, to enable requested functions such as the playback of videos. These cookies collect anonymized information; they cannot track your movement on other websites.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information on how a website is used – for example which pages a visitor opens most frequently and whether they receive error messages from a page. These cookies do not save any information that permits identification of the user. The collected information will be aggregated and thus will be analyzed in a non-attributable way to a specific person. These cookies are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website and thus the user experience.

Cookies for marketing purposes

Cookies for marketing purposes are used to extract advertisements that are relevant to specific users and adapted to their interests. They are also used to limit the frequency of appearance of an advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether you have visited a website or not. This information can be shared with third parties, for example advertisers. Cookies to improve target group contact and advertising are often linked with page functionalities of third parties.

Use of cookies on

In the same way as most websites you visit, also uses cookies to improve the user experience for both one-off and repeated visits to the website. This enables you for example to switch quickly and easily between pages, to save your vehicle configuration and to use GoogleMaps services.


Cookies are set either by our website (first-party cookies) or by other websites from which content appears on our website (third-party cookies). These third-party providers can set cookies when you are logged in to their sites and visit our website. BMW AG has no influence on the cookie settings of these websites. Please visit the websites of third-party providers to obtain more information regarding their use of cookies.

Managing and deleting cookies

The top button provides you with the possibility to refuse or accept cookies requiring consent. You can also block and delete cookies by changing your browser settings. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to refuse or accept all cookies or only to accept certain types of cookies. The process for the management and deletion of cookies can be found in the help function integrated in the browser. If you wish to limit the use of cookies, you will not be able to use all the interactive functions of our website.

Performance cookies: User tracking

Our website uses Adobe technology to collect information as to how users interact with the website and its content. BMW AG uses this information to ensure that the website creates added value for its visitors, for example with content adapted to your personal needs.


Within the framework of the application of Adobe, the data are collected by means of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management and are anonymized, processed, and stored in Adobe data centers in Europe. If you wish to object to the complete data acquisition by Adobe, you can do so by using the button provided above or running the opt-out process on the Adobe website and thus declare your objection:


If you wish to have a complete Adobe opt-out as performance cookies, you can do so via the button provided above.


If you delete all of your cookies, you have to run the opt-out process once again especially for Adobe performance cookies, as in this case the opt-out function you have selected is no longer documented. This also applies if you visit this website from other user devices. If your security settings are too high and the cookie is blocked, we cannot act on your opt-out request. In this case, this is pointed out to you and you should repeat the opt-out process with lower security settings.


User tracking on websites outside of MINI

NERO Tracking collects and processes your user behavior via Third Party Cookies anonymously on websites operated by MINI and also on websites outside of MINI. You profit from this as a user in that you receive advertising that is more likely to match your areas of interest and in that less randomly distributed advertising is displayed on the whole.


All collected usage data are stored using a pseudonym, which means that personal identification is ruled out. The IP address of your computer that is transferred for technical reasons is not stored and not used for the controlled display of advertising.


This tracking service is currently active. If you no longer wish to use this service, simply click on the button provided above or use the opt-out process of mediascale on the website and declare your objection.


Use of Facebook social plug-ins on

On our Website, we use the re-marketing function “Facebook Custom Audience on your Website“, a tool of Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook").


The purpose of "Facebook Custom Audience on your Website" is to target Facebook users who have previously visited in order to reach them on Facebook with appropriate information about our goods and services and possibly also to find new users similar to our website visitors. This can result in you being approached on Facebook with an advertisement from MINI Sales Asia after you have visited


For this purpose, a Facebook pixel has been implemented on our website. When visiting our website, this Facebook pixel will pass information to a 3rd party Facebook cookie available on your computer and from there will establish a connection to the Facebook servers. In this sense, no direct connection is made from the Facebook pixel of the website to Facebook. However, the data collected will be indirectly passed on to Facebook via the Facebook cookie on your computer. Responsible for this data processing are Facebook and MINI Sales Asia.


The so-called 3rd party Facebook cookie which is set on your computer by Facebook is neither visible nor changeable for MINI Sales Asia.

HTTP technical header data

Information about the web browser, page location, document, URL reference and user agent of the web browser and the IP address (which, according to Facebook, in Asia can only be evaluated on the BMW AG general country level).

Pixel-specific data

Pixel ID and Facebook cookie data, as well as information about which pages you visited and whether you have created a test drive request or configuration. Neither the details on the contents of your request nor the configured vehicle, such as, for example, the price of the configured vehicle are shared with Facebook.

Processing of collected data

Facebook connects the aforementioned information to your personal Facebook user account, MINI Sales Asia neither stores nor processes this information.


Recognition is possible across websites and possibly also across devices by Facebook (but not by MINI Sales Asia), if Facebook can e.g. assign different devices to you. As a result, you will be aware of MINI Sales Asia only indirectly by allowing MINI Sales Asia to address you as a Facebook user on Facebook anonymously.


This assignment is made primarily possible by the Facebook cookie. According to Facebook, the information sent by the Facebook pixel to Facebook is currently stored for 180 days and then encrypted and anonymized. MINI Sales Asia has no influence on this procedure.


Further information from Facebook about collection, processing and use of your data by Facebook can be found at the Internet addresses and We cannot take responsibility for the information provided by Facebook.


To prevent data exchange, the following withdrawal procedures are available:

OPT-OUT procedures for interest-based advertising on Facebook

You can object to the display of interest-based advertising on Facebook at, where you must be logged in to Facebook. However, this contradiction does not lead to a prevention of data transmission to Facebook via the Facebook pixel; this requires setting an opt-out cookie (see below).

OPT-OUT procedure Facebook pixel

With the device and the browser used, you can prevent future collection of data by the Facebook pixel on by clicking on the link below, whereby an opt-out cookie is permanently stored on your device. This opt-out cookie prevents data collection via the device on which the opt-out cookie is stored.


Please note that if cookies are deleted in this browser, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted and you have to click the link again if you still want to object to the collection. If you activate the opt-out procedure, no further data will be collected via the Facebook pixel and no information will be passed on to Facebook.

OPT-OUT procedure 3rd party cookies

On the following pages, we explain how to remove the Facebook cookie from your computer:

More information

If you want to object to interest-based advertising generally, you can use the following providers by registering accordingly.

MINI Asia is neither the publisher nor the operator of these services and therefore does not assume any warranty for their functionality.